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#2921100 07/09/2021 6:51 PM
by Steve_
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Just wanted to ask the crew here about some things that have been on my mind lately.

-I find myself still caring about WW. I dont mean that I miss her and want to be with her, I know that would be an extremely poor decision. There has been unrepairable damage and the absolute best thing is for us to move on. Mayyyyybe be friends some day. But I am concerned because of her poor decision making, she tends to catapault herself into men's nonsense head first. She is now broken hearted and spinning since the OM she left me for didnt work out (DUH) and she wants to move several hours away. I am okay with moving there its closer to my family. I told her to take a couple months and go, see if its what she really wants. Otherwise im just gonna set roots down and apply for these career jobs I want. One of us has to be stable for the kids so thats on me for sure.

I guess my question is: Is it normal to have some kind of thoughts sometimes that you miss the idea of what should have been? Still love the person, wish it went different. Even though you know logically its impossible and a terrible idea and I would never want to feel those things she did to me again, the disrespect the repeated infidelity, and im 1000% happier now. But occasionally I get a strange feeling of sadness over how this all went down. September will be a year since she left for OM. I know eventually Ill be totally over it. And like I said im much much happier now, I have my self confidence back, my value as a man and a father and even as a nurse. I feel like my life will be great and my kids will be great. Sometimes I just worry about what is gonna happen to the WW and the kids now. The nuclear family being lost, etc etc. It causes me a little sadness once in awhile.

Its mostly when Im alone, when the kids are with her or the in laws. And the in laws are great no issue there just guess sometimes when I sit on my couch for a little while I occasionally get some reality depression or something once or twice a week. The IC said thats normal and thats the last stage of grief, which is acceptance, but I wanted to hear what yall have to say.
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#2925998 Nov 3rd a 02:19 AM
by Kind18
You want a real 2x4?

I think at best, you are a troll who likes winding up LBS on this website and gets some sick sense of satisfaction that people are trying to help and you’re stringing us all along.

Worst case, you have very serious mental health issues and you believe all the BS you write.

In 500 posts, every time you’ve been called out on something, you say “yeah, but” or “I only did that because”

You seem to have zero ability to ever admit you made a mistake. You will go to extraordinary lengths to justify shitty behaviour and manipulation of your ex. You play victim and paint her as a manipulative puppet master, but you are no different.

If you keep telling yourself you’re a victim of her, nothing will ever change.

I see an eventual train wreck with your new relationship, but you simply can’t be told. What upsets me the most, is what it will do to your children.

I wish your children good luck … because they’re going to need it.
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