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I don't want a divorce II NEW THREAD pt 29

Originally Posted by LH19
Actually asking to him to lunch is something that loses your dignity. Youíve been here a long time and seem to be making zero progress which is a shame.

I don't agree with either statement.

Looking back I gained nothing from lunch... if I had to do that over I would not but I don't think I lost any dignity over it.

Also, I think I've made lots of progress. I have a lot more peace. I carried so much blame in the beginning. I'm not afraid to own my mistakes and if I had a do over would definitely do things differently. But, my H brought his share of sh*t to the meltdown and used me as his justification to do so... that I no longer accept.

I've also done a lot of self work. I'm not afraid to put my feelings and thoughts out there. Its real and its raw. Am I always right - far from it but I'm not afraid to use this as a way to work through what bogs me down. Could I do somethings differently? better? Perhaps. But I will not have my journey shamed...


Your GAL seems pretty strong so I guess thatís a positive.

That still needs some tweaking but I'm getting it there... smile
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by wayfarer
What in the actual sweet baby jesus CPAC talking points was that tirade?

No, it's not cool to "cheer" on someone's serious logical, not even moral failings, because at this point we're way past moral fortitude. But it's also not the end of society as whole. My god man, it's not that serious.

Yes, Don it was a little gruff what you posted. CW is entitled to his feelings. A person can be offended when you say mean things. That's literally how feelings work.

LH instigated a tad but was almost entirely teasing not really instigating. Which he was very clear about.

May clarified for CW to try to dead this. Which CW wasn't obligated to do. No one is obligated to do, say, or feel anything. This is an internet board not family therapy.

Don, you taking this just as personally, and actually more personally than CW did and throwing around a lot of rhetoric that has nothing to do with anything going on here is making you look more like a bully than you actually were. Take a deep breath and maybe step back for a bit.

You were just stating your feelings. (Which I honestly agree with, while I didn't feel personally attacked like Joseph, I was mildly annoyed.)

CW stated his. (Which as stated was literally for the benefit of the poster only, not any of the rest of us, because she is hypersensitive to criticism)

You agree to disagree. The End.

This doesn't need to get personal. Or political. Let's let this die here and be done.

Can we hurry up and lock this thread so this can be done?? This 100 right??
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