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by GH31
Time to start a new thread.

It doesn't belong in Newcomers altough I'm not entirely convinced it belongs here either.


My wife are from Sydney, Australia and have been to absolute hell and back over the past 2 years with her PA/EA that started in January 2008. We have put each other through various hells beforehand - me being the culprit mainly with my anger, selfishness and verbal abuse. I was a pretty nasty piece of work to live with from time to time in the early years of our marriage and I regret this terribly.

My DB story begins in March 2008 and the entire tale is to be found here:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
Part XI

At the time of writing my wife and I are sleeping in the same bed, do everything together on weekends and when I'm home from work, have a sexual relationship and spend lots of time together with our baby son. He was born in December 2009 and I have confirmed with a DNA test that he is mine. W knows I have done this.

Things are far from perfect.

I will write more on here soon.

Best to all of you here in Piecing.

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by Mach1
Originally Posted by GH31
Not all marriages need to be saved. I am sure, in retrospect, that I would have ultimately prevailed, even if my wife and I had divorced. I am certain of that.

I've no idea really how we got through it.

Hey G....I remember you....

It's been a hot minute...

I'm elated that you and your Wife have worked toward a hopefully happy life together....

Hope all remains well down under !!!
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