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V- I don’t feel as if I am wasting time because I am enjoying myself. And honestly, he is someone I would be friends with . I’m not committing myself to anything or putting too my effort or heart into it.

As far as “need to be single” It’s not so much his need to be single . It’s the need to settle into his new place on his own and deal with the divorce.

I swear we are just 2 people right now having lots of fun hanging out.

hmm.. I think everyone should be single for just a little bit in order to figure out what the h3ll happened. But that's just my humble opinion... as well as any good therapist's..lol

Just out of curiosity... when he talks about his wife and their relationship.. how is he? I realize that she has a problem but does he ever say what part he played? You know more than most how this kind of disease can affect a whole family. How does he speak of her currently?