LH, interesting the quotes you picked and chose from my post.

I'm not letting you off the hook so easily, so I will repeat those parts here:

Originally Posted by Bttrfly
I imagine you sitting there with a notebook avidly copying down things you can use to manipulate your next date.

This is how your posts come off. Think about it. What was your motivation? To see if the kiss worked, because you need proof, not folklore?

Is that authentic?

What I'm saying here is you may think you're 100% natural, but that's not how the vast majority of your posts read.

In your posts you absolutely objectify women. We don't seem to be people to you. It reads like we're more of a science experiment that you're trying out various hypotheses on to see what sticks, and what gives you your desired results. If the results aren't what you desire than obviously the women are the problem and we all want high status, tall, whatever the laundry list is men and the rest of you don't stand a chance.

Keeps you in a box.

Free yourself from the box and stop objectifying us please.