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Yes, I plan to and typically do take a break from serious dating during my busy periods!

How does one take a break from “serious dating”? Or perhaps, how does one define “serious dating”? This struck me last week when it was first brought up. It’s almost like seasonal dating. Do non-dating things in the spring, summer and into fall and date from about October through March. But is that not casual dating? How can dating or a relationship be serious if it is put on hold or at least put on the back burner for more than half the year? It doesn’t seem serious to me. It’s much more casual. Actually, it seems like you are wanting casual dating but are calling it serious. It may be serious in the moment but certainly not over the long term if other things then take priority.

Imagine this truth being placed in an OLD profile:

“Looking for a deep connection with someone I can love, spend a lot of time with and call my girlfriend or partner - for about 5 months out of the year when I’m not busy doing the things that are much more important to me. Hit me up and let’s go on a 10 mile hike and finish with an over-the-top romantic picnic first date. Sex in the woods is optional.”

Or am I way off base here?