Nice belated Mother's Day/ birthday visit with my kids yesterday, we took a nice walk on the beach and got some nice pictures with the younger two (oldest was asleep by then, works graveyards).

Youngest son, the one who broke up with his girlfriend of a few months recently, was telling us more about the fallout. Even though he broke up with her as nicely as he could, she unleashed a torrent of bile on him. (Among other more vile things, she called him an Unhinged White Guy, which I think will be the name of my next punk band!). Of course, her unleashing the crazy has just made him more sure about his decision. He feels bad that she was hurt but he could see their relationship wasn't going to go anywhere, they couldn't resolve their arguments in a healthy way and now we can see why. I'm proud of him for making a healthy decision and not taking the bait when she insults him.

I made the delicious Guava Cake again and it is SO GOOD. I highly recommend looking up a recipe for it on the internet if you like to bake. It's best made the day before. It's a layer of cake, topped with a layer of cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and whipped cream, then that is topped with a layer of gel made from guava nectar. SOOO yummy, and actually not too overly sweet. My favorite cake ever. And easily made gluten free if you just use a GF cake mix for the base.