Yes D - we all love you. But THIS part is what I objected to - the part that tried to minimize the danger she felt she was in. I hope in the future when women tell you a guy was creepy, you BELIEVE them!

"Rationally, this piano tuner is not some common oaf of a repairman. Lol. The stereotypical butt crack flaunting plumber (no offence to any plumbers or repair folk). I’m sure you didn’t hire him from some dark back alley. And could be reasonable sure he isn’t going to risk his career, life, freedom, etc to attack you in your home. It’s not a break in; it’s a service call.

So he badmouthed his ex wife. My goodness, lots of people talk poorly about their ex. And of the two, woman are usually the most cruel and callous, from what I’ve listen to."

We women are subjected to this all the time - heck, this is what the Me Too movement is all about, women finally speaking up about all the stuff they have been subjected to and been socialized to keep quiet about! Women are in danger from all kinds of men, in all kinds of situations, and need to rely on trusting our instincts about this, instead of rationalizing them away.