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IF everybody got vaccinated and wore their masks her workload would be 1/3 of what it is.

If you honestly believe this you simply are not paying attention to what’s going on. We’ve tried this. It clearly does not work. We’ve got vac rates of between 50 to 70% and around 90% with elderly at risk populations and vaccinated people are still contracting and spreading Covid. The college example I listed. Professional sports have extremely high vac rates in the high nineties yet still have positive cases so much a few have cancelled games for lack of players. The thing the vaccinations have done is reduce deaths and severity of illness. That seems very clear. They work for that - well at least for about 6 months. Yet They are not stopping the spread. If they were, 70% vaccinated would be resulting in a marked reduction and its not. Some areas are reporting case numbers higher now WITH A VACCINATION than WITHOUT ONE! Sadly it’s not. Increasing 30% vaccination rates is not going to result in a 66% hospitalization reduction.

Ginger I GREATLY appreciate your first hand perspective. It mirrors what others in healthcare are telling me. Although I had not heard sick patients were treating staff poorly. I’ve heard remorse and regret but not abuse. I’m not surprised at making vented patients no codes and found it odd that CPR would even be attempted in these patients but had no intel to back up my hunch.

Thankfully it appears more and more people are finally starting to say what some of us have said for 18 months now. It’s crazy to think we can stop an airborne virus. All we’ve done is taken a bad situation and compounded with depression, financial devastation, worse care and now damadge to and loss of healthcare workers. This whole response has been a huge fail on so many levels and the proof is it’s still happening nearly as it was 18 months ago even after all of these failed ideas. Just can’t blame Trump for it all anymore though I’m sure some will still try. Hopefully the seemingly much less destructive omicron virus will get us to the robust natural immunity we so desperately need. Sadly history is only repeating itself. We made the same mistakes with HIV, with drug overdose and others - including blaming the patients. We’ve got to stop doing the same failed things and expecting better results.

I will say again I feel really bad for todays healthcare providers. Sadly it’s going to be future patients who really pay the price. Heart attacks still happen. Strokes still happen. Trauma still happens. Who will take care of these patients. It’s the same with law enforcement and we see how that is turning out - mass looting and all. See I guess it could be worse, instead of a nurse you could be a cop!

In the end, like most things, all we can control is us. We can tell the diabetic to take their insulin or the CHF patient to take their lasix. But in the end the choice is theirs. As long as we do our best, that’s all that we can do. This is not going to change. People have free choice - even if their choices would not be ours.