You want a real 2x4?

I think at best, you are a troll who likes winding up LBS on this website and gets some sick sense of satisfaction that people are trying to help and you’re stringing us all along.

Worst case, you have very serious mental health issues and you believe all the BS you write.

In 500 posts, every time you’ve been called out on something, you say “yeah, but” or “I only did that because”

You seem to have zero ability to ever admit you made a mistake. You will go to extraordinary lengths to justify shitty behaviour and manipulation of your ex. You play victim and paint her as a manipulative puppet master, but you are no different.

If you keep telling yourself you’re a victim of her, nothing will ever change.

I see an eventual train wreck with your new relationship, but you simply can’t be told. What upsets me the most, is what it will do to your children.

I wish your children good luck … because they’re going to need it.