When you and your partner have a conflict, does it tend to occur in the same location time and time again?

Is it almost always in the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room? The next time that you feel an argument coming on, promise yourself that you will move to a new location.

Of all of the items in DB/DR/KLA, this would have been the first I would have ignored, glossed over. It has turned out to be a factor for me and the Coach.

Location, specifically the kitchen or entry hall of the house that, if we talked about our touch subjects in one of those two places, we ended up having a huge blowout. The entryway is still not the best place.

A great place, the car. The kitchen has changed now, it's a good place now. What seems to matter is our angles in relation to each other. I KNOW he is really listening with no agenda when he is sort of on my side and his chin is in his hand, he's leaning in.

Does location make a difference for you and your partner?
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