Oh and just for fun. Here's the advice I was referencing earlier given to me by BrokenTrust in my other threat. This really spoke to me as being the way to specifically handle my W. I feel like I can play the role of "advisor" for her and it will make me attractive, AS LONG as I'm not a a doormatt.
"She will soon be coming down off that high... and you can be available for her to talk to when not GALing. GALing is very important at this time... going out and having fun... finding yourself again and growing your confidence back as you become the person you want to and need to be.

Nothing is more attractive than a confident person who likes their own company.

So... be willing to be there... (hint hint) but not when you have plans.

Sound confusing yet? That is kind of the point, you need to confuse her, to be mysterious... she needs to work for your attention... she needs to be the one to beg you for your advice and when she does you need to be nice and supportive and give her advice you would want in her situation. Do not bring up your own R in the advice... simply tell her to do what you would tell your sister to do in her place, and if she comes back with "you are telling me this because you want me back" answer with "no, I just want you to be happy wherever you are". That will probably hit her like a ton of bricks because it will be the last thing she will expect.

As for waiting for her to come to her senses... stop waiting by the phone and by the door and get out there and start GALing. Change your hair style... change colognes... change the way you dress... remake yourself into the person you want to be. There something you used to like to do? Go out and do it... There something you have always wanted to do... whats stopping you?"
Age: 28
Wife's Age: 28
Relationship: 10 Years (dated on and off)
Married: Less than one year
Seperated: 1.75 years, finally served with D 4/30/2011