im currently in a WAW situation. my wife just got back from Texas where she was with a friend who was having surgery down there. the whole time she was gone she claims she was happy and didnt miss me. she claims shes been unhappy before we even got married. the first thing she did when she got back was tell me she wants it to be over. she does;nt know what she wants after that. she has no plan, she just wants out. shes unhappy at home with me and in the marriage.shes caught up with two guy friends who both are in love with her and the one from texas has been egging her on since they started talking.saying things like you didnt look happy at your wedding. she says shes been bottling up all this stuff and shes always been unhappy but just didnt want to do anything because of hurting me or what her family would think if she ended our relationship. so all of a sudden this comes up. we have had alot of problems in the past. communication was always bad, alot of resentment and not being there for each other.we hit a bad spot about 4 or 5 months ago and i moved out for a week about a month ago to give her time to think. she aksed me back sooner than we had agreed and i thought all was good. since then she has become cold and unaffectionate. i tried to back away from her and give her space but she kept going out with her friend from high school who is in love with her. as far as her emotional affairs with these two men, she has not cheated on me as far as i know. even after the bomb of Divorce she said she didnt cheat , at that time it didnt matter. and shes never been like that. so i trust her. i dont know , im just going on and on though because it happened about 3 hours ago. but i want to save my marraige and i dont know if i can because my wife has already made up her mind but i know she still loves me she just says shes not in love with me.