well, just checkin in for a bit.

got to see H this weekend. it wasn't really the best weekend, seemed like too much yelling all over the house by everyone, but the day he left he said he already missed us all.

One goal I need is to get back into shape. MB you have moved me by your consistent exercising! I know I'm busy, but I just need to make the time for it. I've been taking the dog and the 2 year old for a walk each morning I have him, and we go maybe a mile or so, but that's about it and it's not everyday, so I need to be more creative.

okay. just wanted to put this out here. about a year or 2 ago, after we were totally back together, I remember feeling, hmmmm, is this what I want? am I really happy enough? well, I want to tell people that I do believe this is part of the stages that we can go thru. Because even though before the bomb, we think everything is fine, and then after reconciling, things are even better than before the bomb so you'd think it would be great, but I think during the sitch you realize how unhappy you really were before the bomb, but we were just settling, or feeling this is just how it is and we're married and that's how its going to be. So then after the sitch, you realize you don't have to live that way and that you can make your life better. then you start thinking, well is this person really who I should be with? blah blah blah.

I will say that this year has been a new revelation. I really love my husband and he has grown, just as I have, and we both still are. we are learning how to handle things better and we are really choosing to love each other more and more. I really miss him and I am very happy that God saved our marriage.
Me 33 H 34 S9 S3
M 6 yrs (2gether 11 yrs)
EA/PA 1/2006
DB 5/2006
H wants D 6/2006
H wants ME 8/2006
H "said" PA/EA over 8/2006
H erased OW off phone! 2/2007

"It is far better 2 choose humility & change oneself, than 2 wait in vain trying 2 chang someone else."