Once again, this board gives me the support I need!

I woke up today very sad and missing my hubby, my marriage, our life together. AND, of course I start beating myself up over what I could have done better. I absolutely take responsibility for my piece in the demise of our marriage....I'm seeing a therapist and working on my issues every day. Reading lots of books and chatting here. I just can NOT keep beating myself up with guilt and I go right there quickly... frown

Every day is a new day and I try so hard to be strong, but this is a long, hard process and one I'm not used to or very good at. After 20 years of memories everything brings up something we did together, etc....

I sure hope his head does get screwed on straight, but I know he has multiple and severe childhood issues to get through and other things as well. I will remain positive and optimistic.

Just thinking a lot about things today and wishing for me to be happy and healed. IN time, I guess...
Me 55
H 49
Married 21 years
No kids
bomb 5/09
filed 7/09
divorced and moving forward 5/10

Life is all about Plan B