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#2249452 - 05/29/12 01:13 PM Re: WAW told me she doesn't want to be married pt3 [Re: witz10]
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Witz I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish by threatening om like that.

I also wonder when someone takes a couple of examples and says "women this" and "women that." Um, every person is completely unique, even all the ones with girl parts. If you haven't learned to walk away from an online woman who shows unappealing qualities without categorizing all women as nuts then you have some work to do in learning to get to know and appreciate the unique qualities of A woman.

Your positive attitude toward the future is really great, and your commitment to taking good care of your kids is too. I wish you the best.
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#2249470 - 05/29/12 02:00 PM Re: WAW told me she doesn't want to be married pt3 [Re: adinva]
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Adinva. I am just making him aware that I know about him occasionally watching my children and his drinking when he is around them.

I also know women are all different and everyone has there own thing. Just seems I have found some really winners as of late.

Just a quick little tid bit of confusion. I really don't speak with my W all that much. But last week she contacted me on some strange things. I needed some paperwork from her for a loan I am trying to get, so I text her. She was fine with it then told me her Grandfather was diagnosed with dementia. I told her I was sorry he is a nice man and if her parents needed help with anything to let me know. I also asked her if she was ok. She said she was fine, like usual. We did not talk again till that Thursday. She went to the Phillies game Wednesday night with OM. How do I know this well it was on the Cozi family calendar site. Now with her being a psychologist she has a work calendar as well as a home calendar. Why post on the family calendar that she was going, only for me to see it and know she was going. Makes no sense. Is she trying to make me jealous? Then on Thursday she instant messaged me out of the blue that she has a conundrum and needs advice. I asked her what it was. An old friend of ours has a boyfriend that my W found on the megans law website. Something he did 10 years ago in his 30's. Do I think our friend knows. I said its something I am assuming he has brought to her attention and sadly I have not spoken to her in a long time and neither has my W. So if for some reason my W is out and has the kids and sees them, if for some reason she becomes uncomfortable then say you have to be someplace and excuse yourself. Was my advice.
She then informed me it has been a weird week for her and the guy almost dying at the phils game the night before was just another. I then laughed to myself and said OK what happened now. Apparently where she was standing in the parking lot some guy was there not even 5 minutes later and fell over having a heart attack. The same spot she was 5 minutes prior. This weirded her out. I asked was the guy alright? She said they were doing cpr on him. Now if it was me I would have stuck around as a witness instead she went into the game with OM.
I informed her this was the weirdest IM conversation we have ever had.

Is it me or was she reaching out or something? I don't know. This past weekend she went down to the beach to OM's family house. She asked me if she could take the kids with. I told her no I had plans with them, which I did. Plus I wanted her to see him in his element lets say. Last year when he went down with my neighbor the first night he got drunk and mouthed off to a cop who then threw him down to the ground. So when I dropped kids off to her yesterday afternoon she asked me if something was wrong, I was quiet and not talkative. I said nope. I mean what am I going to say with people in the pool next to the parking lot. Yes something is wrong for someone who is so smart your a fool for putting all of us through this. Nope I will wait and do that when she gives me separation papers, of which I am still waiting.
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