Michele just posted this:

"I often get emails from people who have read my book, Healing from Infidelity that touch my heart. This one does for sure.

Hi Michele,

I just read your book, Healing from Infidelity.
My husband and I had been married 31 years when I found out that he had been involved in a 7 year affair. An anonymous person sent me photos from a private website my husband was on. Needless to say, I was devastated and confronted him immediately.

I thought our marriage was good, and often heard my husband tell friends that we were an anomaly for having such a remarkable marriage.

We have both read MANY books about Infidelity, but I wanted you to know that we both feel that your book was the most helpful and truthful book we read. I loved the way you talked to people, addressing what each person in the relationship needs to do to heal and help.

You really spoke to both of us and we both believe that we will continue to grow and be the best we can be in our remaining years together. My husband really appreciated that you didn’t keep “scolding” the unfaithful spouse, as many other authors have done.

We have reconnected sexually, and I must say that is better than it had been for years!

Keep writing and encouraging people who have to deal with this immensely painful situation. You are inspiring, encouraging and honest, which definitely helped us through this painful journey.

Thank you so much, KP"

Virginia Peeples
Assistant to Michele Weiner-Davis
The Divorce Busting Center

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