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A Message from Michele
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#2795720 - 06/13/18 06:15 AM Re: Is my W suffering from a MLC [Re: rylance]
AndrewP Offline

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Hi rylance - I don't tend to post too much to active situations any more but your's caught my eye.

The key thing here is that you are going to have a bumpy ride of it no matter how things turn out. You will learn things about yourself and your relationship with your W that will probably surprise you and may well disturb you.

I'm from about 2 years in an alternate future. Your situation doesn't quite mirror mine but as others say, there's a script and there are similarities between us all.

If you feel like some boring but perhaps enlightening reading you may want to check out some of my older threads. Once I shifted over to the MLC forum I got some fabulous advice from job and a gent who went as Jack_Three_Beans. Anything they wrote to me is pure gold and might help you.

Here's a link to a summary thread.

And yes, I'm divorced and my ex is still off in fairy-dust pixie land.

The key advice I have for you right now is that it is crucial that you be the "sane" parent. Don't rely on your W for anything. She's not on the same planet as the rest of us. Whether she circles back is unknown. Whether you are still waiting will always be your own choice. But for now, your kids need you. Be present for them and do what you can to protect them and your finances.
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#2795777 - 06/13/18 10:48 AM Re: Is my W suffering from a MLC [Re: AndrewP]
rylance Offline
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Hello Andrew, thank you for reading my story and sharing your advice and experience with me. When i first came to these forums, i could not believe some of the stuff i read. As i compared symptoms and others stories to my own, i hoped and prayed that this wasn't truly the case for my W and our R. After reading at how terrible MLC is, i had begun to fear this could be the truth. The more irrational and emotional my W has become, its become harder and harder to not face the truth.

I recognize the road ahead will be difficult and it terrifies me! I am not prepared to face this, but i am trying. All i can do now is pray to the Lord to guide me straight and true, and to depend on the advice of the good people i have met here. Each day is a battle. Never in my life would i have believed this would happen. My W truly loved me unconditionally for as long as i can remember. Its hard to realize that isn't the case right now. So heartbreaking! Thanks again Andrew,, it is much appreciated.
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