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A Message from Michele
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#2786109 - 04/20/18 05:21 AM It happened again
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Hello, I am back here, lurking and looking at threads 3 years after I first found this site and these methods.

W and I had some problems 3 years ago, mostly stemming from my drinking. 3 years ago, I did a 180, quit drinking, lost weight and saved my marriage. At least up until a few days ago.

W took her things and left. Didnt say goodbye, just left. She took the dogs and cat, her clothes and truck and just left.

Of course when I returned home I was in shock. Weve been having issues lately that seem to be building. Shes mentioned leaving and divorce but that was usually at times of anger.

I called her a few times when I got home, no answer. Sent a couple texts, no response. Since Wednesday (the day she left) I havent tried to contact her again.

I'm still sober, still in shape, still trying to grow as a person, I guess I just dont know what to do or where to go from here. I know from our last problem period that persuing her will only push her further. Do I continue no contact?

Shes got a lot of friends, all of whom will take her side and support her thoughts of leaving me. She felt unsupported, under appreciated and ignored. I didnt try to make her feel those things, life just got busy and hectic. Our schedules and interests changed and our priorities were different.

Please let me know what course of action I should take. I love my wife and want to save my marriage, I just dont know what I need to do since shes never left before. Ive read divorce busting but will re read it. Thank you all in advance.

#2788631 - 05/07/18 09:16 AM Re: It happened again [Re: raws]
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I suggest moving your post to Newcomers

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#2788711 - 05/07/18 11:14 PM Re: It happened again [Re: Vanilla]
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This post is almost 3 years old!

They did move
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