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A Message from Michele
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#2302454 - 11/25/12 07:46 PM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: LMBS]
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Originally Posted By: LMBS
Is there really hope when you have already finalized the divorce?

There can always be HOPE as long as you choose.
However you need to let go, if you ever want a chance.
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#2302486 - 11/25/12 11:06 PM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: 2670]
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You'll get better help if you start your own thread on the forum. Start it in Newcomers.
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#2318773 - 01/30/13 03:53 PM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: Success]
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Thank you for giving us hope.

#2320558 - 02/06/13 10:21 PM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: LBH_LC]
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Great stuff Success. I know a big fear for many of us going through the last resort technique is that it's a dead end road.

#2452397 - 05/14/14 03:57 AM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: Success]
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You know, since my WAW experience is still an open wound, perhaps my judgement is a bit off but a year and a half is a LONG time. I don't know, is there something wrong with me that I wouldn't want my wife back after that long. I feel as though once she sleeps with someone else...hasta levista baby...I already wasted 20 years with you...why would I go back after you sowed your wild oates? Maybe I'm bitter but I want her back before she's with another man...or she can stay gone. That's my limit for any R possibility. However I am SUPER PLEASED that you are happy and got your love back! I guess some people can move beyond that, I can't.
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Our marriage ends 11/17/14

#2758525 - 08/29/17 03:03 AM Re: This site worked for me! [Re: ItHurts]
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Your story is awesome and gives me hope. I really enjoyed reading your success story and made my day so far. I'm glad to see letting go is def different from giving up and a success story to follow.

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