Dear Michele,
Just wanted to say thanks! My husband and I almost divorced, because of some lacking emotional essentials in our marriage. Those had caused me to find someone who I felt great with and I committed emotional infidelity. After my husband found out, we were referred to DivorceBusting. We called a day later and got set up with a fantastic DB Coach over the phone and have had 3 great sessions. We needed some help and got that from our coach. No doubt about it, you and your staff saved our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Just a note to encourage anyone who is trying to decide if a Divorce Busting Telephone Consultation will be helpful to their situation - It WILL be! It is beneficial to be prepared for what you wish to accomplish but given what I have read on this site, even if you aren't, you will receive assistance in organizing your thoughts and plan. I spoke with my DB Coach, Chuck yesterday and he was very helpful in my sorting out the answers to some questions as well as encouraging and supportive. It very much helps to know that you are "on track" with DBing and the fine tuning will only make my plan stronger. So, thank you Chuck, and all the DB staff and Michele. There is no doubt of the value that your efforts have had in my life!
I just want to let you know what a great job my DB Coach, Leni did after my wife left me three months ago and planned to get divorced.
After 6 personal sessions with a traditional therapist and absolutely no progress, I contacted Divorce Busting.
Leni coached me and my wife for about 6 sessions and today I can tell you that my wife is moving back at the end of the month and our reconciliation is progressing extremely well. She is wearing her wedding rings, telling me she loves me and we are working through the issues that caused the trouble in our marriage.
Thanks to Leni for saving our marriage, supporting me through this horrible time and giving me effective and direct assistance in repairing the damage.
Thank you so much. Her help was invaluable.
I have many times nearly written to you to tell you of my success thanks to you. Sometimes, though, I wondered if things would go wrong again. Now I feel confident enough to tell you my good news.
My husband is a wonderful man. I saw changes in him which I didn't understand. This went on, maybe every 6 months for maybe 5 years. He would say "maybe we should separate". Then life would jog along until the next time. Somewhere along the way, I found your website and ordered "Divorce Busting". Then everything was OK again for a while.
Just about a year ago, he said he had decided to leave me. Immediately, I had a telephone consultation with my amazing Divorce Busting Coach. It was wonderful, uplifting, and exactly the help I needed. She told me "your love and dependency are scaring him to death!" I did not know this. I only knew that he wanted to be independent and I didn't. She helped me to formulate a plan. I changed subtle things. I gradually could see that my husband was acting happy again.
I am now part of his future and he is part of mine. I can see that he is happy. I thank you and give you credit for everything. I am trying to be your disciple and spread the word. I am loaning my books to my friends and I tell everyone about your website and your wonderful DB Coaches.
Thank you for all you do for the betterment of mankind.
I am new to Dbing within the last week. I had my first phone consult with Chuck today. I am working on LRT and understanding ways to work on my PMA. He was a great guide in listening to my experiences and being able to identify the toll this sitch has taken on my PMA. He really challenged me to overcome my fears and find my authentic self again. It is really supportive and I would highly recommend the phone consult to everyone. Thanks Chuck for encouraging me to believe in myself even during these very challenging times.
I just had my second session w/ Leni and I'm so glad that I talked to her. She really helped me to refocus my situation and actually gave me an energy boost to do the things that I need to do.
If you have been thinking about a phone consultation and haven't yet, I really think it is an excellent investment into your marriage.
Thank you again Leni. and I hope to talk to you again w/ very good news.
My H and I had a coaching session this morning with Laurie. I am feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time. My husband said that he is no longer in love with me and I was so thankful when our DB Coach, Laurie talked to him about "falling in love" versus "true love." He seemed receptive to the session, and we have some small goals for the next two weeks. Laurie, thank you for giving me hope! Your clients definitely appreciate your commitment to them and their marriage.
My wife and I are separated. We had attended six hours of counseling with a local therapist not affiliated with your program.
After six sessions with no progress, I called Divorce Busting for a consultation. Just two phone sessions my DB Coach gave me more practical, useful problem solving techniques and advice than 6 hours of face to face therapy. We have discontinued the first therapy and my wife intends to return home soon.
Thank you to Divorce Busting. Your helpful, useful advice has actually resulted in the end of our separation and the reconciliation of our marriage.
I booked a telephone session with my Divorce Busting Telephone Coach when I did not know where to turn. It was the most profoundly helpful thing I have done to date, because....well, I don't know why, it just was! My Coach understands human nature so amazingly. As I said, it was the best money I have ever spent. She was able to explain to me some negative aspects of my own personality which were driving him away. I hold onto everything she said still.
I had a great conversation with my DB Telephone Coach this morning. I encourage you all who haven't yet decided to make that step to call for coaching - to just do it - you won't regret it.
This from a Licensed Psychologist and Trainer of Marriage and Family Counselors
I want to thank you for sharing with me the value of the relationship coaching. Because I had my mind on couples counseling, I was "on the fence" when you mentioned one-on-one relationship coaching. Thankfully, you stuck with me, persuaded me further, and I signed up for a session.
I want to thank my DB Coach, Joann for the great coaching session. In the first session she was right in there with me looking at the fine details of my interactions with my partner in such a way that I'm now empowered to avoid and resolve potential future conflicts. She was very affirming and validating, helping me discover my own strengths that I can now powerfully bring to bear in the relationship. In one session I felt empowered to be responsible for the success of the relationship - no longer feeling a victim of that emerging destructive pattern in our relationship that seemed bigger than the both of us. The tips and resources were invaluable. The session was worth 10 times the cost. I can't thank you and Michele Wiener-Davis, enough for saving us from the pain of potential future needless conflicts.
Michael, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Trainer of Marriage and Family Counselors for 8 years
I want to give some feedback after completing my phone consultation with Laurie today. This was my first consultation and a big decision, but I have to say that it was worth it for me.
I wanted to be as efficient as possible during this very precious session. Last night, I made a list of GALS and 180's I'd accomplished to date. Listed changes I am working on and what I wanted to work on during our conversation. I also made a list of questions to ask Laurie . . . Should I do this? Should I not do that? Preparing really helped me to focus.
Our scheduled time was for 7:30AM. I had been awake since 4:30AM. I gave her the background of my sitch and she listened . . . really listened. I took four pages of notes during our conversation which will be invaluable to me as I continue on this journey. Laurie helped me to make a plan of action (staying dark for the time being). She affirmed what I had been doing right which felt great. I've been so mentally exhausted.
After our conversation . . . I felt more at peace than I have been in a long time. I now feel that I'm headed in the right direction. Best of all . . . I'm finally committed to actually getting a life for myself . . . making the changes permanent for me. She helped me to think from my husband's perspective which will help me to think before I talk (email). I really felt she was on my side. No false hopes but solutions for the time being. She didn't make me feel rushed and I appreciated that.
Bottom line . . . it was a very good thing.

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Virginia Peeples
Vice President
The Divorce Busting Center

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