Everyone, it's been a month since I was here. In that month I discovered my was was cheating and lying. I've been dealing with the pain and devastatingly hurt from the deceit!

I got a lawyer emailed was items for a separation agreement. I was very civil, fair and even a bit friendly. I have been in NC, dark for 40 days, except for or son and house sale.

He moved out, he wanted a "clean slate", he wanted to step out of marriage. He has been having an affair and lying, while leading me to believe there is hope for reconciliation. He dies not know I know about his OW. Below is his response to my email....Why so venomous??

Wholly cow...

I first want to say I don't think I'm as bad as a person as your email makes me out to be. If I'm reading it correctly, after paying into any/all the accounts for at least eight years, I'm being asked to be okay with receiving nothing... It's obvious you have had some time to think about things and feel as if I'm either naļve, stupid or weak (or any combination of the three). I will not be agreeing to a lot of your items and my hopes are that you are not going to try to stick to them. If you do, I'm sure we will have to get attorneys involved and that will only cost BOTH of us a lot of money and they will be the only winners!!! I4 ft'm not going to just roll over and take it.
My hopes again are to be treated like a human being and not some second class citizen... I don't think after all these years I get nothing and don't get to have Sam stay with me 50 % of the time. I BEG you to not get attorneys involved due to the HUGE cost it will be not to mention the mudslinging that will take place. I guess if you truly believe I don't deserve anything and I truly believe I do deserve something, we will have to WASTE a bunch of money.

I just don't know if there is any hope for reconciliation or even if I want o e anymore. Is this his true character?? Is this MLC? He's 47. I haven't responded to his email. Do I??
M: 49
H: 47
Son: 8
DBomb: Dec 9, 2016
H moved out: Jan 24, 2017