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#2200536 - 11/22/11 04:52 PM Is this progress or am I just looking too hard?
Crimson Offline

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So W has been in her own place for the last week. She had requested that I let her know periodically how our baby is doing while in my custody. I sent her a long text explain all that we'd been up to this weekend.

Then, earlier this morning I texted her to let her know the baby was doing fine and sleeping well. She responded that she was "glad to see I was doing all of the things she wanted us to do". I told her that I haven't watched much TV these days (which is true) and that I had been doing a lot of reading, believe it or not. She responded "I wish the change would have come sooner, but I am glad you are making the changes". I told her better late than never - and she responded "your next relationship can reap the benefits"

That last little blurb kinda set me back a bit, but I did not let on at all - I just said that I was in no rush for that right now.

So it SORTA looks like she noticed a few 180s, but still seems at arms length with her "next relationship" remark. Is this progress?? Granted - I have only been trapped in this hell for a little over two months and she's been gone only a week - I know I need patience, but what that a "reasonable" good sign??

I have no idea and need help with what to do next.


#2200640 - 11/22/11 10:10 PM Re: Is this progress or am I just looking too hard? [Re: Crimson]
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Try to stick to one thread until you get to 100 posts.

Use this thread that you started in newcomers,it has more replies and will get more traffic

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#2210350 - 01/04/12 09:11 PM Re: Is this progress or am I just looking too hard? [Re: Cadet]
penster Offline
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I would say she's trying to push some buttons with the 'next relationship' comment and just testing your repsonse. Believe in you, you're doing fine.

#2266330 - 07/29/12 12:43 AM Re: Is this progress or am I just looking too hard? [Re: penster]
Jhail83 Offline
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I have gotten the same responses from my W. I agree with Penster, don't let those comments get you down. Your next new relationship can be with your W!
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