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#1540185 - 07/31/08 09:36 AM My Heart is Breaking #6
happynow Offline

Registered: 02/25/08
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My thread locked so here is my last post.

I'm going to my parents house tomorrow for the weekend. My B'day is Friday. I'm going to get a massage tomorrow afternoon & my Mom is making me a cake. I've requested a Pineapple Dream Cake, never had it before but it sounded good.

I actually plan to go to church on Friday & Saturday, they are having a special meeting so maybe it will help me.

The enemy is attacking tonight, I just get so scared when I think I might not ever see him again!

I'm going to go to that prayer closet!!!

Morning: I did go to my prayer closet last night & I felt some better. I'm pretty down today. I know he is not the same man as the one I married. But I also know that for OW's b'day he treated her very special, so that was the man that used to treat me special for my b'day or special days.

I'm going to my parents house today. I won't get to post like I normally do but I will be checking in.

Thank you all for your support!


#1540541 - 07/31/08 01:28 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: happynow]
yellowrose Offline

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Loc: texas

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope you have a great day!


#1540914 - 07/31/08 04:48 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: yellowrose]
peacetoday Offline

Registered: 04/15/07
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Happy Birthday to you!

Hang in will get easier
I know it must be difficult not seeing H
I remember when my H first left, I thought I was so relieved that he would be back to visit the kids

I have heard they always look make the changes anyway GAL PMA there will come a time he will see the changes..
no matter what happens, you will be ok
You have great courage and strengh and God is by your side
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M ow

#1540989 - 07/31/08 05:31 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: happynow]
Truelove Offline

Registered: 12/29/05
Posts: 3334
Happy Birthday nlt! I wish that all your dreams will come true. Have a lovely day. (((HUGS)))

#1541027 - 07/31/08 05:50 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: Truelove]
plentyhope Offline

Registered: 07/29/06
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Happy Birthday nlt!!! I hope you love that Pineapple Dream cake - sure sounds deeelicious.
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#1541126 - 07/31/08 06:48 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: plentyhope]
MidwesternGirl Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
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Happy Birthday.

If you get a chance, go read today's Charlyne Cares.
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#1541201 - 07/31/08 08:29 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: MidwesternGirl]
glamgirl Offline

Registered: 04/28/07
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Happy B-day NLT. Make some new memories, don't focus on the future. All you have is right now.

The dream cake sounds good.!
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#1541213 - 07/31/08 08:37 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: happynow]
enlightenbylife Offline

Registered: 10/09/07
Posts: 532
Happy Birthday nlt.

Enjoy your day!

"Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction"

Being the calmness in the storm......

#1541271 - 07/31/08 09:38 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: enlightenbylife]
addie Offline

Registered: 02/05/08
Posts: 1316
I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow - as I mentioned before it's also my dad's birthday.
It's good you'll be busy tomorrow - try not to think about H too much but focus on enjoying the day. The massage sounds so relaxing and the cake sounds delicious. ENJOY!!!!
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#1541413 - 07/31/08 11:55 PM Re: My Heart is Breaking #6 [Re: addie]
happynow Offline

Registered: 02/25/08
Posts: 2099
Hi Everyone!!!!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!!!! I was so surprised to get on here & find so many!!! You are all so wonderful!!!

I got a weird phone call tonight from my H's brother. My H has a bed stored at my parents house that he made, he also has some cabinets that someone gave him he was going to use to make a work shop one day & was storing them also. We didn't use the bed b/c it was one that him & his first wife used & I really didn't want it & he didn't either but he wanted to keep it in case his son wanted it. So his son & BIL was supposed to come & get it a couple of months ago but they never could get together. My BIL said H's son is not coming but he is going to come next week to get the bed & cabinets, I have already told my H that my parents were going to keep the cabinets but BIL didn't know that (I hope that doesn't cause problems between H & I). Anyway, he was really friendly with me. My SIL told me that he would try to advice my H during the D & tell him not to let me have the house or alimony b/c I didn't deserve it. So my BIL is always friendly but the day they helped move my H out of the house he was friendly but not like usual. Tonight he talked to me about 20 minutes, told me about their dogs, cats & horses. He also said they have a new email address & wanted to give that to me (I didn't have their old one). You will be proud of me, I wanted to ask about my H so bad but I didn't, I came really close but I didn't. I hope this was a good sign that he wanted me to have their email address. I'm just not sure what that was all about. What do you think?? Maybe he was just being BIL, I'm just not sure.

Thank you all again so much!!!! What wonderful friends I have on here!!!!!!

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