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A Message from Michele
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02/13/19 01:20 PM
She has denied an affair. I would not know if that is a bridge too far. Perhaps... my heart aches still at the thought of not being us.

Valentines Day is down played in our church. Our church... I'm trying to join and she removed herself in a temper tantrum. She still goes though. Just not with me. I still hope that changes someday. In His hands. So no card.

My coach said to say hi if I run into her at the gym. Haven't had that happen so...

This morning she pushed my buttons a bit. Not great but I did send an apology.

She still is in the house, not following through on what she told the lawyers either.

I feel like I regressed big time... again.

At this rate I will never be over her. Sounds like game over, Turbine looses.
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For Newcomers
02/13/19 12:02 PM
Thanks neffer, for your continued support, your commitment to understanding, and your insight into the dark side. wink
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For Newcomers
02/13/19 11:09 AM
Always appreciate your comments and support neffer! Doesn't feel a great deal like PMA...just some things in this world that don't make sense and instead of trying to fight against them like when I got here right after BD, now I just let them go best I can.

Getting close to the 1 year mark post-BD for me. Quite something to reflect on how far I've come from that time. Seems like a different lifetime ago and in fact, it was as I'm now a completely different person from who I was then. Guess it's terrible hard to vow a lifetime of love and commitment to someone and then be forced against your will to let all that go. Anyway I'm blessed for what I have, soon to be free of the one who walked away and hopeful for something good in the future.

Thank you for the best wishes! My best to you as well neffer!

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For Newcomers
02/12/19 07:44 PM

I believe Living is at a critical point. Not sure if you are following her thread. Any insight on from you would be great. Might start here:

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Midlife Crisis
02/12/19 07:00 PM

Obviously you must consider the legal implications of this and take steps accordingly. But, I think you need to dig in a little and find out why you have such a visceral reaction to this. Is there something there more than fear for how this could implicate you and D?

You have been living apart for a long time and I think making it on your own without a lot of help. Assuming you are not legally bound by his debts (which obviously you need to confirm), what is that has you in such distress?

Of course it is ridiculous for him to do what he did, but we know these folks do ridiculous things all the time. With mine, I honestly prefer to see him do something, rather than nothing. Yours is a huge wallower, so I would think something that forces him out of that comfort zone is not necessarily a bad thing.

You are sweet, and lovely, and strong. This is not your mess. Try to let go of the expectations that he will behave in a sane or rational way. Take care of you and D and eyes forward.
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For Newcomers
02/12/19 06:44 PM

Yup you two need time away from each other to decompress.

She needs to see you are not the source of all her problems.

Her putting all those expectations on you is wrong, wth.... angry for not eating with her?

Sounds like you have so many options. The hunting alone right there... go do it buddy. Let me know what you catch.
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For Newcomers
02/12/19 01:10 PM
Neff. My GAL now is another lady along side karate and meeting up with family and friends.

AS. I did reply. "Timeout. As we both agreed at childservices."

This is something I would of never thought of hearing from XW. It's all about money. I do understand that she now can't afford to rent a bigger apartment since she has totally messed her finances in a year. But I can't see how on earthshe turns that to my fault. WW's work in the strangest ways.
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For Newcomers
02/12/19 12:43 PM
Oh man, monkeys live everywhere...
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