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Jump to new posts Re: Attaining MEH by OwnIt @ 30 minutes 19 seconds ago

Unless someone in your inner circle said something, I'm guessing he was preparing to file and his attorney checked or gets an update of filings from the court. I agree with Treasur, he was trying to surprise you and you beat him to the punch. Wheth
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Jump to new posts Re: Leah, part 4 by OwnIt @ 35 minutes 44 seconds ago

I've been traveling for two days. Not fun. Glad to be back home even if I am going to get kicked out on an hour's notice. I am happy that you are letting him come, and hope that he shows up this time. I think you should focus on fun, but I hope t
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Jump to new posts Re: New to the journey and thank you. by Kylo @ 57 minutes 22 seconds ago

I've read a little about the nice guy/fixer mentality. My other long-term girlfriend had fixer aspects and ended up in a crazy mess. As for what attracted me to both of them, I think this played a role. There were many other reasons too, or maybe I s
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Thoughts? (I think I use this board as an 'am I crazy too?' check!) If my STBXH doesn't respond to the £ agreement HE asked for by tomorrow, my L will want me to go to Court. I've been thinking about doing a 180 and doing a NC/NOTHING for a month. W
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants to leave marriage 4 by Tread @ Today at 03:52 PM

Well, W and I went to dinner and talked about going through with the divorce. W will be slowly moving in with her sister the next few weeks. Mentioned that she would want to spend some nights at the house to be close to S13. Basically I told her t
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Jump to new posts Re: WW in A. NC w/ OM(?) Next steps? (6th thread) by 25yearsmlc @ Today at 03:41 PM

There are a few possibilities w/ the same underlying premise - - What if the way for you to rebuild something with your w is to admit that this marriage is gone and let her go in order for her to discover what she has lost...? Or maybe you can c
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Jump to new posts Re: Infidelity/WAH, my story pt 10 by PsySara @ Today at 01:28 PM

Hey friends, stopping by just for some updates. Last week I broke down and told WH the struggles I was having with triggers. Initially he shut down and stopped talking to me. I went out for a drive and decided to use my angry time for grocery shoppi
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Act Now or Cry Later by HaWho @ Today at 12:56 PM

Gordie - no, he wasn't joking about the shoes. I can tell he wasn't. Roist - yes! The title of my thread is about eating life with a big spoon. It's not about me deciding today what I am doing about my marriage. I can get lost and cry over this
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife says that she had enough, files for divor by Thornton @ Today at 12:23 PM

It's crazy some of the stuff the WW will spew. I was told I was "abusive" and was never a father to W's daughter that I have parented for 6 years. Now that's she's moved to another state, she misses me so much and sends me pictures of h
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: KGirl - new life, new stuff #2 by KGirl @ Today at 12:12 PM

^ Ha, right? It's either that... or one of them is trying to get with me now that XBF is out of the picture (I heard a lot about how the friends thought I was "really cool" etc.), or, he told them something different than what my interpreta
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Jump to new posts Re: Complicated Affair by EastTN @ Today at 12:08 PM

Originally Posted By: kmlLet me tell you my story. Thanks for sharing that, that's a tough story, and the point you make about making a bet on behalf of your children is a really good onethat any LBS with a wayward needs to consider, especially one
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Jump to new posts Re: Not sure what to do - Part 4 by Johnnyf @ Today at 11:35 AM

Originally Posted By: AnotherStander Probably missing you and a little bit of a temperature check. WAS's run hot and cold, she'll do something like that and then not text you for a week. I was thinking the same thing. Have not heard from her toda
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Jump to new posts Re: Alone and confused (angry) by Nrthman @ Today at 11:03 AM

Slow but i see small signs of hope. Last couple interactions with w have been positive. Whats different i truly believe it is how im approaching the situation. I may listen and at times vLidate but i have not offered idea's or solutions to any of W
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Jump to new posts Re: Finding my way out of the dark - Part 3 by EastTN @ Today at 10:54 AM

Bill on Superman
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Thanks so much Btrow
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Jump to new posts Re: I need a decoder.. by RR17 @ Today at 09:30 AM

Some struggling thoughts. Although the silent treatment in going on 72 hrs. now, I am reflecting on some conflicting techniques here on this board. Become the best you. A Lighthouse etc. yet don't dash around cleaning like a gay boyfriend. Keep con
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Jump to new posts Re: WAW? Would Love Opinions. Thanks! Part 3 by Joseph9 @ Today at 08:54 AM

Hey Chris, Yes it moved very fast party because I told my W to leave if she wanted to get an apartment. She originally told me she wanted to move out 8/31 I told her that wouldn't work for me to go ASAP if that is what she wanted to do. She has als
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Jump to new posts Re: I need of advice from Belgium by SwHubby @ Today at 08:47 AM

If you feel "safe" meeting in-laws (nothing abusive etc on their side), then think about it as a celebration of your kid and that your presence will be highly appreciated. I have already been struggling with how to behave when I will get t
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Jump to new posts Re: Still bad at DB by dale165 @ Today at 08:14 AM

Thanks AS just making sure that wasn't too weird. I mean it is a little bit but they did a lot for me so I figured I could help where I could. And I completely understand the situation of using them as leverage with W. I never bring W up unless th
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: I got knocked down and I stood back up! by GiannaS @ Today at 07:33 AM

Originally Posted By: cat04Seminole, What a moving post. I am glad that you have found peace on your path. Me too!
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Jump to new posts Re: 180/Last resort with 3 kids in the house by Cadet @ Today at 07:13 AM

New thread http://www.divorcebusting.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2756694#Post2756694
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Jump to new posts Re: Stormchaser is piecing. Part 2 by Stormchaser @ Today at 07:12 AM

Updating: Had another IC session. More off my chest. Talked more about family issues with kids than I did about the marriage. This is a good sign. Trading one issue for another. Trying some thought changing experiments. I have a tendency to rumin
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Jump to new posts Re: NYGal Still Working on It by Stormchaser @ Today at 06:39 AM

I feel like a broken record here. My reconciliation with my W seemed fake because she was still working with OM. About a year later he got promoted and would be my W's daily supervisor. I knew I was done. She knew I could barely tolerate them in th
For Newcomers
Jump to new posts Re: WH came back. Piecing. Past the 2 year mark ... by Stormchaser @ Today at 06:31 AM

What I did: I kicked W out upon finding out that night. The next day she texted me from her friends house and trickled truth, saying it was only a bunch of flirty messages. When I told her I had access to the texts (which I was going to hack her phon
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Jump to new posts 180/LRT part 2 by dusty70 @ Today at 06:30 AM

Guess I needed to start a new thread, previous thread http://www.divorcebusting.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2745235#Post2745235 I believe I have given up, the woman I used to know as my beautiful, loving, caring, passionate,ni
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