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A Message from Michele
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Michele's Books and Tapes
Jump to new posts The Sex-Starved Wife - German by Virginia @ 08/14/17 04:23 AM

https://www.klett-cotta.de/buch/Partnerschaft/Lustlos/84725 Lustlos Was Frauen tun können, wenn er nicht mehr will 18,95 EUR broschiert (Alternative: E-Book) Versandkostenfrei nach D, CH, A; in D, A inkl. Mwst., in CH evtl. zzgl. in CH anfallend
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants to leave marriage 4 by Tread @ 08/14/17 04:19 AM

What do you mean by consequences? The only consequence I see is that E and OM are having an A. And as result people are going to find, which results to destroying that fantasy. I warned them both in the past. And clearly they continue to be disre
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Jump to new posts Re: Finding my way out of the dark - Part 3 by holding @ 08/14/17 04:19 AM

Part 1 - The Weekend by Myself This weekend W was out of town with the kids, so it was a time for me to just relax and do some GAL for myself. Went out Friday night with a friend. We went to a bar and stayed until they closed, which is something I
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Every ending is necessarily a beginning by Gordie @ 08/14/17 03:58 AM

Own it, It's a lot easier for a man to criticize his W's home making than to actually do it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Attaining MEH by T384 @ 08/14/17 03:51 AM

Hi all, Doing as okay as can be expected. Sandi I am so sorry to hear of your D And you should Know better then to think I would EVER resent you do anything you say to me .... we've been through this long enough together for me to know you have
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: Putting it into Practice by Gordie @ 08/14/17 03:50 AM

Butterfly, I love to hear how you are processing. I am a thinker too but am not as far along as you. Yes, I think it can be healthy and necessary for people like us. Ciluzen, I love your entering the water analogy--perfect!
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Jump to new posts Re: Leah, part 4 by T384 @ 08/14/17 03:40 AM

Hi Leah, You are so sweet! I think your H knows that. I , and I may be the minority who knows, think you were too nice!! I don't want to come off harsh as I'm probably projecting my own emotions from my situation BUT I think after you told him yo
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: Introducing myself... by focus22 @ 08/14/17 03:35 AM

So here's a test for me, and of all the work I've been doing: There's been some building damage to another of the places I work (this one is my main freelance income over the year). So a few of my jobs there have fallen through there, and there is
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Treasur, As I've said before to you, it is a LEGITIMATE feeling, that missing piece of the jig-saw puzzle. It's like one day we woke up, and that life-time partner had left the building. Bam. Just like that. I think us being able to say things like
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Jump to new posts Re: Leah, part 4 by Treasur @ 08/14/17 03:20 AM

Other people know better than me, leahsue, just take care please to stay off the rollercoaster if it makes you queasy?
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: Hello...can you hear me? by Dawn70 @ 08/14/17 03:17 AM

GB, I love your mindset where the new guy is concerned. I've been trying to get to that place myself, not necessarily in relation to a man, but just in relation to life in general. We only get one ride and I want it to be a great one and I don't want
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Jump to new posts Re: Wife wants to leave marriage 4 by Treasur @ 08/14/17 03:16 AM

Gosh, I don't know, Tread...how can you know what the consequences will be for all of these folks? And how will it help you DB or help your sitch practically? I had to think very hard and calmly last year when I got anonymous death threats, my first
Midlife Crisis
Jump to new posts Re: From the other side of the mountain (pt.8) by Gordie @ 08/14/17 03:15 AM

SBJ, That sounds like the kind of conversation I had with w on vacation. We can't understand where their minds are at...and they probably can't either. So put on the tinfoil hat to stop yourself from mind reading and just enjoy it for what it is: a
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: Maybell 41: The Saga Continues by Dawn70 @ 08/14/17 03:11 AM

That all just sounds odd to me. I'm with you....what adult wants to live in a house where you have to rent out part of your space. Granted, I live in a small house (about 1000 square feet) and it is just me and the dog, so I definitely wouldn't want
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: silliness and other important stuff by Dawn70 @ 08/14/17 03:09 AM

I've always wanted to play tourist in NYC. Someday I'll get there. I would probably see more people there than I see in any given year where I live, but it would really be mega-cool.
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Thanks, juju!
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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for some advice by doodler @ 08/14/17 03:07 AM

Originally Posted By: mxdupMy focus needs to be on changing the things I agree with and GAL whether she comes around or not. mxdup, Now you're in the zone. Good for you! When your wife realizes that you'll be just fine without her, it changes th
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Jump to new posts Re: 180/Last resort with 3 kids in the house by holding @ 08/14/17 03:03 AM

Hey Dusty! Glad you had an awesome weekend. Do you think having W there over the weekend made it harder to detach? Feeling our kids' pain is a sign that we are emotionally healthy. Our WWs obviously aren't - they are running from their feelings and
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Jump to new posts Re: Leah, part 4 by leahsue @ 08/14/17 03:03 AM

Wow, now here's an update. After seeing H last Monday, as you all know, my heart took off on another of those famous rollercoaster rides. He has gone back to texting every other day or so, kind of abrupt, like- "hope your week went well",
Surviving the Big D
Jump to new posts Re: What I'd Say by Dawn70 @ 08/14/17 03:00 AM

Well, well, well, my DB friends....here we are with Monday upon us yet again. I've been "out of pocket" since Aug. 4 and I have LOTS to tell. I was on vacation last week and it was a MUCH-needed time and I'm so grateful that I had the oppor
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Jump to new posts Re: Going through divorce #4 by lcause @ 08/14/17 02:45 AM

Thanks Btrow. I can count on you to pull me back up. I should read your sitch more and comment on there too. I saw you mentioning my name there, how you people gave me hard time about GALing Yeah you bring a good point on detachment. But I'd like t
Surviving the Big D
So i have been talking to a walkaway wife. And the way they think about their ex's and about life in general shows me that the LBS really has no choice but to detach and move forward. This woman talks about how she no longer loves her ex. He is
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Jump to new posts Re: Going through divorce #4 by Btrow @ 08/14/17 02:31 AM

Lc, You haven't ruined anything. That little incident had no affect on your sitch and you also didn't ruin your detachmenet since you obviously weren't detached in the first place. If you were, none of this would have affected you at all. Jump ba
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Jump to new posts Re: I need a decoder.. by RR17 @ 08/14/17 02:21 AM

Originally Posted By: 25yearsmlcRR maybe this excerpt from the script of Swingers, will help. ------- And what if I don't want to give up on her? ROB You don't call.
Surviving the Big D
Money or a more affordable area to live would make my life easier!!! Ive come to terms with the no chance of reconciliation with ex a while ago. And im at peace with that. (Its a huge place to be though and I recognize that when i read the struggles
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